Evelyn Grace

Though young for a Rogue Trader, Evelyn projects a regal aura of command.


Evelyn Grace grew up in the shadow of the God-Emperor. No matter how exemplary her accomplishments, regardless of how honed her skills, always she was dogged by the simple facts of her birth: she was the second child of a noble line, and she was a woman.

In the Imperium of Mankind the career opportunities for women are harshly limited. Evelyn had no desire to be an assassin, to join the Ecclesiarchy, or to serve in the Imperial Guard. She looked at the wretched state of her family, once a proud line of Rogue Traders known throughout the Imperium, now reduce to holdings on a single planet and pouring their rapidly dwindling fortunes into the debauched antics of an unworthy “heir” – her brother Regias – and decided that only clear and decisive action would rule the day.

The volatile nature of illicit narco-compounds is well known to the Adeptus Arbites. When the ancestral home of the Grace family was consumed by a sudden conflagration, killing Regias and his parents along with a score of lesser nobility “thrill seekers”, the investigation turned up clear signs of substance use and abuse and the case was closed as “accident, noble household, no further inquiries.” Only Evelyn, who was studying contract law on a nearby moon at the time, survived to inherit what little remained of the Grace family fortune. In the sealed arco-vaults under the burnt-out mansion, protected by ancient void technology, she found and retrieved the Grace Warrant – the key to a new life and the legal ownership of a truly ancient Grand Cruiser, a vessel from the Age of Rebirth.

Evelyn sold her remaining possessions, bartered and traded away what was left of the family fortunes, and spent her last Thrones securing the necessary passage and excavation teams to retrieve the vessel from its final berth – the Dead World Sleef, on the Periphery of the Calixis Sector, where strange Warp vibrations cause all but the most determined explorers to plot a different course.

No threat nor peril would stay Evelyn’s hand as she sought out her rightful heritage, however, and though the planet nearly cost her life, and did claim the lives of hundreds of laborers, at last her gaze rested upon the mind-bogglingly massive starship. The lines of the ancient ship, cleared of the debris of millenia, held strong and proud against the toxic winds and acid rains of Sleef. Evelyn re-christened her “The Unbowed Countess” and wasted no time taking to the Koronus Expanse to seek her true destiny out beyond the Halo Stars.

Evelyn Grace

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