The Unbowed Countess

Ancient Grand Cruiser


The Unbowed Countess

REPULSIVE Class Grand Cruiser

SHIELDS Triple Void Shield
SPACE Left Over 12 POWER USED: 75
Weapon Capacity Prow x1, Dorsal x1, Port x2, Starboard x2
Skill Test Modifiers
Navigation/Warp -10, Social 10, Command 10, CMD/Hit&Run 20, CMD/Boarding Action 10, CMD/Hit&Run (Def) 20, CMD/Boarding Action (Def) 20, Extended Repairs 10, Restore HI Acq Test 10, Active Augury vs Silent Running 15,
Crew Disposition: Fanatical
Crew Max 100% Crew Quality Competent (30)
Morale Max 97%
Normal Operations (Morale)

Achievement Bonuses
Achievement Bonuses: Trade + 160 Crime + 150 Creed + 100 Explore + 50

Essential Components
Saturnine Pattern, Class 5 Drive (Grand Cruiser) [C:BEST] [Modified/Archeotech], Strelov 4 Warp Engine © , Gellar Field, Bridge of Antiquity (CL,C, CB, CG) , Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer , X-470 Ultimo Array (Vessel is Easier to Hit, +5 Enemy BS Tests) , Voidsmans Quarters

Supplemental Components
Luxury Passenger Quarters, Tenebro-Maze (You chooses critical’d component, not attacker), Trophy Room, Manufactorum, Salvage Systems, Small Craft Repair Deck,

Complications / Past Histories
Cursed (Warp Nav Penalty), Ancient Grand Cruiser (Can’t take +Armour Components).

Mars Pattern Nova Cannon [Damage: 2d5+4, Range: 6-40] Location: PROW
Jovian Pattern Landing Bay [Strength: 2, Damage:x+x, Crit Rating: —, Range: ] Location:PORT
Godsbane Lance Battery [Strength: 2, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 3, Range: 12] Location:DORSAL


“The Unbowed Countess”, an archaic Grand Cruiser from the Age of Rebirth, is the last remnant of the Grace Warrant, an ancient Rogue Trader charter that predates the settling of the Calixis Sector. Though the details have (likely) been lost to the ages it is known that the vessel plied the stars beyond the reach of the God-Emperor of Mankind for tens of centuries, passing from one Captain to the next while always remaining the prized possession of the Grace family, until it crashed (or was docked) on the dead world Sleef several millennia ago. Only recently has she been found by the last scion of the Grace line and, rising from the acid-soaked ashes of Sleef, taken once more to the trade lanes and cold voids between the stars.

A Repulsive-Class Grand Cruiser, The Unbowed Countess is massive on a scale comparable only to the great naval Battleships and the Battle Barges of the Adeptus Astartes. Measuring seven and a half kilometers long from the prow to the keel, and a full kilometer and a half abeam at the fins, she is without question an awesome sight to behold. Armed with a mighty Nova cannon, a gun whose barrel runs fully one third the length of the entire vessel, as well as a Godsbane Lance Battery and Jovian Landing Bay fully stocked with fighters, bombers, and support vessels, she carries enough raw firepower to cower most pirates and crush outright any xenos vessels that might dare challenge her.

Though her great size limits her speed and maneuverability her triple layer of ancient Void Shields as well as thick adamantine hull plates provide a reassuring layer of protection to her crew of over 130,000 women and men. In the manner of many of the Grand Cruisers of the ancient era she is fully equipped with a Manufactorum, necessary to craft the gigantic shells fired from the Nova cannon, luxurious quarters to entertain the guests of her Rogue Trader, facilities to repair any damaged vessels launched from her shuttle bays, and an archaic array of scavenging implements that allow her to strip even a mighty Space Hulk of its prized components. Her halls, though known to her crew, are patterned after forgotten specifications of the Mechanicus and prove vexing to any would-be boarders.

Though many think her heyday is long forgotten in the dust of history she has a vital new Captain and her machine spirit longs to once more sail the Empyrean in regal splendor.

The Unbowed Countess

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