Lord-Captain Sylvia Locke

I’m afraid that I cannot, in good conscience, follow these orders, my Lord. These people need our aid, and is not service the most divine duty of His Holy Navy?


Tall and forbidding with a will like iron and a glance sharp enough to cut the legs out from under even the saltiest voidman, Lord-Captain Locke was once a highly respected and much-lauded officer in Battlefleet Calixis. She distinguished herself as a brilliant but iconoclastic officer with a keen tactical sense. Her rise through the officer ranks was marked by both stunning victories and demotions for insubordination. Despite a list of disciplinary actions and formal complaints, her singular genius at the helm of a warship preserved her career. Despite her reputation she achieved the rank of Lord-Captain and gained a cruiser command.

Locke saw her duty as an officer of the Imperial Navy first and foremost as serving the people of the Imperium. She consistently disobeyed orders in small ways that allowed her to put the needs of the citizens ahead of the interests of the Imperial Navy. While this gained her many admirers among civilians and free captains, her superiors were not so enthusiastic about her views on public service, and decided to wait for her to make a mistake.

For decades now Lord-Captain Locke has served with distinction in the Expanse. Now a wiser if no less cross-grained officer, the sting of her court-martial and her long years of exile in the outer reaches of the Expanse have left her bitter and prone to fits of melancholy. However, she is still an officer of His Divine Majesty’s Navy, and as such strives to uphold the finest traditions of the service in her diligence and zeal in protecting Damaris. Her orders to abandon Damaris to the Orks and return with Aegis have presented her with a serious crisis of faith. If she remains to defend Damaris, she will uphold what she sees as her duty to Imperial citizens and will exemplify what she considers as the finest traditions of the Imperial Navy. If she follows her orders, she sees the possibility of proving her loyalty to the Navy and getting back into the good graces of the admiralty. She is currently wrestling with her decision, and is at a
point where she could go either way. Only time and the involvement of the Explorers will tell if
she slips her moorings and disappears into the void or disobeys one last order and stands with Damaris in the face of the Ork onslaught.

Lord-Captain Sylvia Locke

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