General Remi Dante

My first and only duty is to Damaris, and to protect her I will do what I must. If that means treason, then I accept the burden.


The commander of Damaris’ planetary defence force, General Dante embodies a new breed of the planet’s military elite. Born to a very powerful noble family with military and political connections, Remi Dante grew up a child of incredible privilege. Educated in the best schola on the planet and given every opportunity available to a child of wealth, Remi was a precocious, long-limbed boy who could run faster, hit harder, and throw with deadlier accuracy than his childhood friends. He preferred the outdoors, and when he was of age, his father used his influence to secure him a billet at Damaris’ military academy.

Possessed of vast ambition and a burning desire to constantly test himself, young Remi found life at the academy refreshingly challenging. Graduating with honours, he surprised his family and classmates by requesting infantry duties, and began his military career as the youngest commissioned officer in Damaris’ 1st Regiment. Over the years he grew into a respected leader, and he quickly shot up the officer ranks. Eventually he attained the rank of general, then, by both military prowess and political connections, head of the Damaris planetary defence force.

General Dante is incredibly charming and a truly motivational leader. He demands an extremely high level of excellence from himself and everyone around him, and is quick to reward hard work and ingenuity in his officers and men. With the news of an imminent Ork invasion and the obvious impotence of Governor Kapak, Dante has begun recruiting like-minded officers and powerful civilians with plans of overthrowing the Governor and taking the seat of government for himself. He desperately wants to rid his world of Imperial interference, and will use any means necessary to protect his nascent military coup.

General Remi Dante

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