Jeremiah Blitz

‘Steal’ is such a harsh word, friend. Think of it as long-term borrowing at gunpoint.


As free-wheeling a spirit as can be found in the Expanse, Jeremiah blitz is the captain of the ostentatious tradeship Ordained Destiny. Known throughout both the Expanse and the Calixis sector as a grifter, a confidence man, a licentious rake, and a marginally scrupulous gun for hire, the good captain is a newcomer to the business of intergalactic trade. Until very recently a dealer in artefacts of dubious provenance, Blitz got his step up in the galaxy by winning his Warrant of Trade in a high-stakes card game with a powerful member of the Adeptus Terra. With the ink his warrant barely dry and the largest ship he’d ever captained in his possession, the new
Rogue Trader set out on yet another grand adventure.

Recently, however, Blitz’s luck seems to be on a downward swing. First, a disastrous failed attempt to recover a priceless treasure called the Dread Pearl cost him dearly in Thrones and followers. Then, an excursion as a “privateer” in the Drusus Marches failed when his “prey” turned out to be a well-guarded House Saul convoy. Finally, he was caught sharing the confidences and companionship of a courtesan pledged to a powerful Confessor in the Calixian Ecclesiarchy. Blitz barely escaped death and dismemberment at the hands of a howling mob of Frateris Militia.

Now, a diminished but undaunted Jeremiah Blitz has turned up at Damaris. With creditors scouring the galaxy for him, he sees the business on Damaris as a chance to regain some of his lost wealth. He uses his immense charm and silver tongue to convince all and sundry that his first concern is the defense of this sadly under-defended bastion of humanity. Of course, should
he be rewarded for any small part he could play in this endeavour, he would most humbly accept. His real feelings, however, are that he’ll do as much as he has to as long as the money keeps
coming from Damaris’ coffers, and will run off with anything and everything he can get his hands on if there’s even the merest chance that Damaris will be overrun, unless someone stops him.

Jeremiah Blitz

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