Lady Elizabeth Orleans

These people need only the slightest push and they will throw off the hand of the Administratum. I will show them the truth of the matter, and they shall see who really has their best interests in mind.


Lady Orleans is a straight-talking, no-nonsense Rogue Trader with a reputation for square dealing. Born and raised in the vast emptiness of the empyrean, Orleans is the only child of Rogue Trader Dallen Orleans, himself a widower and a respected and admired man in the business. She spent her childhood safe in the bosom of her father’s ship Starweaver, learning leadership and business from her father and the trade of voidfaring from his officers and crew.

It was during these years when her father was forced into a doomed and foolish war. Ordered to provide ships, men, and materiel to the Ecclesiarchy for one of their many purges of heretic worlds, the Orleans dynasty got swept up in a campaign of conversion and cleansing along the fringes of the Calixis sector. Ill-planned and ill-fated, the entire endeavour was a disaster. The Starweaver was taken, her father slain, and Elizabeth barely escaped alive, vowing to take vengeance and reclaim her birthright.

Thirty years later, Lady Orleans has rebuilt her dynasty, reclaimed Starweaver, and has made a name as a respectable trading partner. Thanks to her father’s ill treatment by the Administratum and her disastrous experience with the Ecclesiarchy, Elizabeth has little love for either institution. Not a heretic in the true sense of the word, as she still loves the God-Emperor and believes fervently in the Imperial Creed, she will nevertheless do anything in her power to harm the interests of the Administratum or the Ecclesiarchy’s worldly interests.

Lady Elizabeth Orleans

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