Govenor Belkan Kapak

On this matter, I defer to your capable judgement.


The very model of a middling Imperial functionary with delusions of grandeur, the foppish Governor Kapak is perhaps the most impotent and ineffectual leader Damaris has seen in a generation. The third son of the previous governor, the much beloved but equally ineffective Forsten Kapak, Belkan was never meant for leadership. With his two older brothers before him in order of ascension, young Belkan whiled away his time in the leisurely and hedonistic pursuits of most young noblemen. In time his father grew increasingly senile and the mantle of leadership was passed to Belkan’s oldest brother. Feeling secure now with a long, idle future before him, he settled in to squander his inheritance and play the fool.

Belkan’s life of leisure was cut short, however, when the death of his brothers in a ship crash thrust him suddenly into the governorship. Left blinking in the spotlight of an anxious and grieving people and in possession of a great responsibility he neither wanted nor was qualified to handle, Belkan turned more often to his amasec and obscura to ease the stresses of leadership. He delegated more and more of the day-to-day operation of his government to his underlings until he essentially made himself a figurehead, doing little more than presiding at official functions and continuing his life of unbridled debauchery. As the years wore on it became increasingly clear that Governor Kapak had little interest in governing, and even less in the welfare of the three billion souls under his protection. He wanted nothing more than to attend banquets, fog his mind with obscura and seduce the wives of his underlings and assorted government officials.

He has gained a reputation for capriciousness and vacillation which has only been exacerbated by his abuse of obscura. He is conciliatory to those he sees as superior to him, notably the Imperial officials, or anyone he needs something from, a trait stemming from his innate insecurity. To his enemies, both personal and political, he is a ruthless conniver, always ready and willing to use underhanded tactics to get him what he wants.

Govenor Belkan Kapak

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