To Seek Freedom Beyond the Stars

This is the home for the Rogue Trader campaign “Queen’s Gambit” – a tale of profit and loss both within and without the Imperium of Mankind during the 41st Millennium. This site will eventually host characters, both PCs and NPCs, unique items of gear, logs of the journeys and trials of The Unbowed Countess and her crew, and more.

Rogue Trader is a game of galactic intrigue and diplomacy, of planetary war and interstellar battles, of trade and betrayal, but most of all it is a game of choice. Each crew-member on a Rogue Trader vessel, from the holder of the Warrant of Trade to the Missionary carrying the divine words of the Imperial Creed, is there by choice. Each seeks something out beyond the reaches of Imperial society, something that they could not find or obtain in “civilization”, and only they can decide what path they will take to achieve their dreams.

Queen's Gambit

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